Improves focus and concentration
Reduces tiredness and fatigue
Protects against oxidative stress
Improves immune system
Contains many antioxidants
No artificial sweeteners
Regulates the metabolism*

*Statement about facts

What is Indigo?

Indigo is a natural energy drink that provides natural energy to your body thanks to vitamin B and the natural content of caffeine from guarana and green tea, which increases your attention and concentration. It additionally supplies the body with good nutrients from spirulina and blueberries. Simple and easy to use! With the addition of stevia as a natural sweetener. Stevia is calorie-free and is added in the form of Reb-A, which contributes to a "cleaner", sweeter taste.

Pure, Herbal, Power * 

- pure because no sugar is added
- herbal because Indigo contains various fruit and herbal ingredients
- power refers to the validated health claims of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) that apply to vitamins B3, B6 and B12 

Indigo is designed to strengthen the body due to the content of folic acid and vitamins B3 , B6 , B12 and C, which help to: 

- the regulation of hormonal imbalances
- reducing tiredness and fatigue
- the normal functioning of the immune and nervous systems
- normal psychological functions
- the normal formation of collagen for the normal functioning of blood vessels
- normal energy metabolism as well as metabolism of homocysteine, protein and glycogen
- the normal formation of red blood cells and the protection of cells from oxidative stress

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Indigo is made of 31 ingredients, all of which are of natural origin. Of these, there are as many as 16 fruits and herbs.

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Acacia gum

Green tea

It influences red blood cell formation, blood regeneration and elimination of anemia. It decreases the chance of cardiovascular diseases.
Increases excretion of toxins and body waste products.It has a strong antioxidative effect.

They help regulate blood sugar levels. They have high antioxidant content, that shield your body from free radicals which cause all kinds of chronic illnesses and aging.

It's a natural taste stabilizer that doesn't elevate blood sugar levels and doesn't induce any unwarranted body fat storage.

Improves brain performance, especially working memory. Helps relieve signs of dementia and other mental illnesses. Helps prevent cardiac arrest,strokes, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar.





The richest natural protein source (60%). It influences body cholesterol levels, regulates blood sugar and blood pressure. It contains a lot of amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscles. It also has antioxidative properties.

Prevents blood clots, helps treat diarrhea, painful menstruation and headaches. Increases alertness, concentration and energy, reduces fatigue and tension, promotes weight loss and is an antioxidant.

They slow down the aging of brain cells, improve night vision and blood flow to the eyes, making the eyes more accustomed to dark. They help to stimulate the intestinal flora, clear urinary tracts and prevent bacteria from invading them.

They contain many B complex vitamins that are essential for psycho-physical health. If we lack them, we can become depressed, indolent, we are tense,...
In addition, it is a very good antioxidant. 





They are an antioxidant that prevents arterial changes in the yellow spot and the formation of cataracts.
They also prevent tooth decay, improve vision and treat joint rheumatism.

They contain the most iron of all fruits, so they are an excellent solution to anemia problems. In addition, they prevent constipation and eliminate nervous tension.
They are also a very powerful antioxidant.

They help with yellow spot degeneration, slowdown it's progress and loss of sight. Amazing source of manganese which accelerates the digestive tract.They also help with strong menstruations and are a good antioxidant.

It contains as much as 30 times more vitamin C than lemons, which is also key to a healthy immune system. It is used to strengthen resistance and relieve lung diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis and colds.


Acai berries


Rose root

Natural sweetener whose activity is antibacterial, doesn't contain any calories and is appropriate for people with diabetes. It's added in Reb-A form, which is the cleanest form of stevia.

A superfood and contain lots of antioxidants. They efficiently clean and detoxify our body and increase blood flow. They contain high amounts of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, which are essential for our immune system to work.

It helps to overcome stress, increase mental stability (improve memory and learning ability), increase endurance and vitality. It stimulates the immune system and increases the body's resistance to infections.

Increases focus, strengthens immunity and gets rid of tiredness and anemia. It contains adaptogenic substances that help the body to fight off harmful stressors and it increases physical and mental endurance.


Contents of 1 sachet (9,3g):

% RDI*



Vitamin B12

Vitamin B6


Niacin (B3)


Folic acid (B9)


There are no added sugars in Indigo but it has a content of naturally occurring sugar.






Caffeine from guarana and green tea



Of this sugar

% RDI* - Reference daily intake

6,4g / portion

<0,2g / portion

Full list of Ingredients

Beetroot juice,  aroma: strawberry, texture agent: Maltitol, stabilizer: Acacia gum, Green tea extract (Camelia sinensis L. Kuntze), Sprirulina (Arthrospira platensis , Guarana extract (Paullinia Cupana kunth), acidifying agent: Ascorbic acid,  Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L), Polyphenol-C (extracts, mix of: Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate,) Whole grape(Vitis vinifera L.), Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L , Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon L.), Blackberry (Rubus laciniatus L.), Raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.), Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa)), Acerola extract (Malpighia punicfolia A. L), l-Carnitine (l-carnitine-l-tartrate), l-Taurine, sweetener: Steviolglycosides, extract from Stevia, Acai berry extract (Euterpe Oleracea L.), stabilizer: Citrus pectin, l-Lysine, Ginseng extract (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer), Roseroot extract (Rhodiola rosea L.), l-arginine, Niacin (Nikotinamide), l-Glutamin, l-Glycine, l-isoleucine, l-Leucine, l-Tyrosine, l-Valine, Folic acid (Pteroylmonoglutaminic acid), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxin hydrochloride), Vitamin B12(Cyanocobalamine).

What do our users have to say?

"I am an entrepreneur active in Slovenia and Germany. The work is very exhausting, and effect from coffees always quickly disappeared. At first, I was very skeptical about Indigo, but I must say that it surprised me. Not that it is a surge of energy, but it works pretty much at concentration and usually it is only in the evening that I realize how much more I have actually managed to do. The taste itself is great and my grandson drinks it too. I really from my heart recommend Indigo to all. I've been drinking it for 3 years now. "

- Marija Jazbinšek

"I'm a mommy to a one-year-old boy who's full of energy. Because I don't drink coffee, Indigo gives me the energy I need to catch up to him all day long. I've had a bad immune system since childhood and was sick very often. Since I started drinking Indigo over the last two years, however, my resistance has grown considerably and I am significantly less sick, which is a great relief. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a stronger immune system and more energy for daily chores. "

- Karina Jarh

"/.../ Due to strenuous workouts /.../ I have to watch for good regeneration after training and matches, as well as proper nutrition. /.../ I am very grateful and also proud to be a promoter of this company. /.../ Almost every morning I mix up 1 sachet of Indigo /.../ to wake up my body faster and get into work mode everyday. Before each workout I mix it again /.../ even up to 2 bags if I feel very tired or have an extremely hard workout ahead. "

- Tin Vrabl,
former libero
OK Maribor

Even more testimonials

"/.../ In our team we are aware that good results are the result of hard work and good nutrition. We have about 7 workouts per week and a match. Due to the busy schedule, it is important to have a quick regeneration /.../ In the morning, for the body starts to function properly, I drink Indigo /.../ When I feel tired or I know that I have to work hard, I drink an extra Indigo. I also drink Indigo before every game, which adds to the energy and concentration on the floor. "

- Vasja Plesec,
former team captain
OK Maribor

"/.../ I have been involved in volleyball since I was eight years old. /.../ It is a specific sport in itself because the whole body is subjected to a lot of effort, there are a lot of jumps and therefore it is necessary to feed your body with quality products, useful for body regeneration.I drink Indigo before and after every training session. Indigo helps me concentrate, the feeling in my body is different, I get less tired, it gives me the strength to finish every training session in top form. "

- Miomir Crnjanski,
volleyball player

"/.../ Due to strenuous workouts /.../ I have to watch for good regeneration after training and matches, as well as proper nutrition. /.../ I am very grateful and also proud to be a promoter of this company. /.../ Almost every morning I mix up 1 sachet of Indigo /.../ to wake up my body faster and get into work mode everyday. Before each workout I mix it again /.../ even up to 2 bags if I feel very tired or have an extremely hard workout ahead. "

- Tin Vrabl,
former libero
OK Maribor

Arteriograph measurements

Because we believe that Indigo has a great effect not only on the overall health and well-being but also on the blood vascular system, some of our users have decided to test the results with an arteriograph measurement.
it is a device that measures the condition of your cardiovascular system and proper heart function.


He has been drinking Indigo for over a year. Although he had good results already, his vascular system age was further reduced by 4 years.

Check out the results


Due to stress, her vascular system was in a very bad shape. After 1 year of using Indigo, her vascular system rejuvenated for more than 15 years, and the arterial elasticity also improved significantly.

Check out the results


She has had high blood pressure for 12 years and after nine months of drinking Indigo, she was able to bring it back to normal levels. Vascular system's age and elasticity have also improved.

Check out the results
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