Delivery - Delivery Policy

Delivery method, cost and order processing
The standard delivery price and shipping time depends on the country you are from. You can check rates on this page: Delivery time and rates.

Most of the parcels are delivered by Slovenian Post and DPD in 3-10 business days after the parcel is sent.

If you choose the payment method bank transfer to the account of the company Inverse, Severin Jarh s.p. (according to the offer / pro forma invoice), the delivery may be delayed as the order goes into the processing after receiving the payment under the offer / pro forma invoice.

You can pick up the shipment in person or it can be picked up on your behalf by a proxy, legal representative or guardian.

If you are not at the address indicated on delivery, Pošta Slovenije will send you a message with instructions on where to pick up the package or who can be contacted to have the package delivered to you again. You can also arrange a new delivery date by telephone with your DPD provider.

You will receive the invoice for your order within 24 hours to your e-mail address with which you placed the online order.The package is sent to you in the fastest time possible.

If the products are in stock, they are usually shipped the same day.

Personal pick-up is not supported outside of Slovenia.

Delivery cost

By choosing personal pick up option for Slovenia, the delivery is free.

The delivery fee is dependent upon the number of ordered products:
1.     Delivery for 1 package is 2,00€.
2.     Delivery for 2 packages is 3,50€.
3.     Delivery for 3 packages is 4,00€.
4.     Delivery for 4 packages is 4,50€.
5.     Delivery for 5 do 9 packages is 5,00€.
6.     Delivery for 10 packages or more is free.

Delivery cost for all countries outside Slovenia is dependent on the set gross weight of the order. The set Gross weight of 1 package of Indigo (containing 30 sachets) is 420g.

Rates for countries, members of the European union:
(Austira, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden)
• 0 - 2kg; 13,67€
• 2 - 5kg; 20,48€
• 5 - 10kg; 25,00€
• 10 - 15kg; 36,11€
• 15 - 20kg; 41,67€
• 20 - 25kg; 49,99€
• 25 - and up; 61,10€

Delivery time: 3 - 10 business days

For specific time of shipping to your country, you can check this page: Delivery time and rates

Pošta Slovenije and DPD deliver packages to the address given at the time of order submission.

Since the delivery service delivers the products within the working hours of Pošta Slovenije (and the postal hours of the postman of the designated area), you can also opt for delivery to any other name or address. For example, to work. The same applies, of course, to DPD's delivery service.

If delivery to a business address is selected, the supplier will deliver the package to an authorized person to pick up shipments within the company.

If you are not in the intended place at the time of delivery (company, office, hospital, student or boarding school, etc.), the supplier will leave a message with instructions for further action. Usually a visit to the nearest post office is sufficient, but you can call them to have the shipment resent back to you.

Delivery times
On possible longer delivery times than those specified in Delivery time and rates or with non-deliverable products we will keep you up to date. If the longer delivery time does not suit you, you can let us know and we will cancel the order or agree on some other possible solution.

If you are not present at the delivery address and have been notified that the shipment is waiting for you in the mail, you can contact the post office which resends the shipment to you.

If you are away for a few days, you can also write down the desired date of dispatch of your package when submitting your order. This means that before this date, your package will not be sent to the specified address.

Pošta Slovenije will arrange the delivery, within 15 business days at the latest.

For more information call +386 (0)70 45 15 16 or send us an e-mail

Treatment of damaged shipments (compensation)
If, upon receipt of the shipment, you noticed that the product or shipment was damaged, you can file a compensation procedure with Pošta Slovenije. To do this, notify the post office as soon as you notice the damage within or at the latest 30 days of receiving the shipment. Please note in the mail that you need to fill out the Damaged Shipment Record, which you also sign.

After receiving all the necessary documentation, a claim for compensation is submitted to Pošta Slovenije. The request at Pošta Slovenije is considered by the Commission and on the basis of a response or approval, the purchase price is returned or a new product is ordered.

If the package was delivered to you by DPD and you find that the product is defective, you can file a compensation procedure. The damage must be reported within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the package to or by phone to +386 (0)70 45 15 16. We will also need photos of the package, packaging (internal and external), damaged products, DPD labels and a description of the damage when reporting damage.